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Product name: Low voltage wall tube – GALA/ India

Decription: GMS

Maker: GALA/ India

Warranty 12 months

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GMS Bus Tube is heat shrinkable tube designed to insulate busbar systems up to 3.3 KV & to protect against accidental flashover. The tubes are manufactured from high quality non tracking crosslinked polyolefin material. Meets ANSI C37.20.2 standards for Low voltage switchgear application up to 3.3 KV.


  • Reduce Busbar clearance.
  • Prevent Busbar from chemical corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt etc.
  • Solve the problem of insulation among Busbar in Bus Duct.
  • Halogen free, flame retardant.
  • High dielectric strength.
  • Highly Flexible for use on straight or angled bars without creasing.
  • Voltage class: 3.3kV

 Busbar selection chart

 gala 7 (GMS)