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Product name: Cable joints – Gala/ India

Decription: GXLT / GPLT, GXS/1236kV, GXSS-1236

Maker: GALA/ India

Warranty 12 months

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Cable joints play an important role in the electrical and electronic systems of any home or industry. They connect the power cables and ensure the flow of continuous electric current through them. Different types of cables are used depending upon their intended application and accordingly the type of requirements will differ. Following are some of the factors that will ensure your cable joint purchase is in line with your requirements.

The joints are available in varied structures to cater to differing modes of connection. The joints are normally used in cables connecting two power sources while the branch joint facilitates branching off. A most suitably structured joint can be purchased if one is sure of the intended application.

There are several accessories that are needed for any electrical system such as cable breakout, insulation tape, inline transition joint, outdoor and indoor transitions, cold shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing and many more and each one of them fulfils a specific function.

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Cable Joints- GXLT/GPLT- Series – Heat Shrinkable Straight Through MV Cable Joints & Cable Splicing Kit Suitable for PVC / XLPE/ PILC Cables upto3.3kv

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Descriptions : GXLT / GPLT – Series Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints kits designed for 1, 2, 3, 3 & 4 Core extruded Soild dielectric (XLPE/PVC) & paper insulated MV cable joints & Cable Splicing Kit (Armoured / Un-armoured) of 1.1kV & 3.3kV rating

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Cable Joints- GXS/1236kv – Series – Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints Suitable for 3 Core XLPE/PVC Insulated Cables for upto 36kv.

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Cable Joints- GXSS – 1236 – Series – Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints Suitable for Single Core XLPE/EPR/PVC Insulated Cables for upto 36kv

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Descriptions : GXSS/1236-Series kits are Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Jointing kits designed for single core extruded dielectric, shielded, armoured & unarmoured cables upto 36kV rated voltage (12kV, 15-24kV & 36kV usage).

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